Marie's Fink Notes
Running to the Future

EYI Company Profile

EYI is a debt-free company with a seasoned and competitive management group. Since 1995, we have gone from a garage and living room operation to achieving nearly 200 million dollars in sales. We have invested our money in computer systems, staffing, warehousing, manufacturing and product development. We have generated some of the most sophisticated business development and training tools and systems in Networking. In short, we have invested in our Independent Business Associates and in our future growth together.

If you join us today, there will be decades of tomorrows. We are proven and we are built for the new millennium, read But you shouldn't join us for only our stability. If today you join, you join for GROWTH.

At EYI, growth has always been and will always be generated through the development and marketing of stunning, one of a kind, consumable wellness products. We have learned our lesson well. Before we had capital, before we had systems and tools, before we had volume and momentum, we had SIZZLE products that created excitement, enthusiasm and duplication.

We realize people come to us with different levels of time resources, commitment and skills. We realize that many people have been disappointed by their Network Marketing experiences. So from day one it has been our core intention to UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER. Our sizzle lead products are so intrinsically intelligent, so charismatic, that tens of thousands of people just like you have had wellness and financial breakthroughs.

Here's the bottom line. Duplication occurs when people have a product in their hands that they are literally out of their mind to share. The product must be so compelling that without any selling, the world beats a path to your door.

We have had that kind of product in CaloradR from day one. Just take a careful look around you. We are fat and getting fatter each and every day. 37.4 million North Americans are 35% overweight. We are eight pounds heavier than we were only 15 years ago. Can you imagine how delightful it has been to bring a single step proven product like CaloradR to that market?

But this is the important point. We have learned the lesson of sizzle and duplication BUT we have not rested on our laurels. Although CaloradR still cuts a mighty figure in the marketplace today, we are much more than CaloradR. To support our incredible leadership position in the important weight management category, we have just recently added a stunning companion product to CaloradR --MagnaI! Again, we offer the world a simple, affordable and proven weight management winner. We now have doubled our advantage!

But we have not stopped here! We have introduced THE product of the new millennium-Oxy-UpT! In the last century, mankind has made heroic changes but we have also squandered resources. One hundred years ago, the air we breathed contained 32-50% oxygen. Now in most cities throughout the world, the percentage of available oxygen has dipped to 10-12%! That wreaks havoc on our health and wellness! In introducing Oxy-UpT, we have again gained center stage. We have secured the worldwide exclusive rights to the ONLY stabilized bonded liquid oxygen. The reception has been explosive and the results from product usage have been mind-boggling!

This is indeed a bright moment for EYI and a very important moment for you. We have spent years tweaking, making critical adjustments and taking all of the kinks out of the system. With the CaloradR/Magna I combo, and now the introduction of Oxy-UpT, we are poised for a second explosion of growth. This time we have the management, the staff and the resources to support the explosion.

We currently have all the systems, all the tools and all the products in place, we just need talented and gifted people with the desire and the heart to join us and take full advantage of the months and years ahead.

This is only your first step. If you want to learn more about out exciting core products, please read on and learn, in greater detail, just what makes EYI great-AWESOME, ONE of KIND products!